Candy Darling On Her Death Bed

Candy Darling On Her Death Bed
Regards to Antony Hegarty.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

It's Such A Shame

Mourn the passing of Jay Reatard, aged 29. Never saw him live, extremely regrettable, excellent singles compilations, as well as Watch Me Fall. R.I.P.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Togo Terror. Adebayor Obssession.

Sad news on the African football front. The forthcoming African Nation's Cup has been mired by the terror attacks on the Togolese coach making it's way in Angola. The coach was sprayed with bullets leaving a few staff members and the driver dead. Two players were wounded. Sadder still however, is the UK press concentration on one specific footballer. Man City striker Emmanuel Adebayor, often derided by the fickle media for his on-field antics was solely focussed on in terms of his well-being. I may be a square from the past but surely every person involved should be treated equally in terms of coverage, regardless of their current position in our national consciousness. It seemed like "Oh Adebayor's alright, that's all we needed to know, I didn't even realise Togo had any other real players. Just generic farmhands." Regardless, as we all know the culture of football is very broad. Broad enough to allow someone to carry out a racial assault and still get in the England team, broad enough to redeem another player for their previous racial assault just because of their recent upturn in form, so to incorporate the footballing media in such blind-sightedness shouldn't be as such a surprise. Ah well, Adebayor will never be the same after leaving the Arsenal anyway. "Cum on u G0000n£r$!"

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